About Us

The curiosity with which a baby’s gaze follows the rotation of a mobile; The giggles that escape through their first few teeth; The urgency with which they tumble over toys anxious to begin their lives; These are just a few of those gleeful moments that carve into your life, long lasting wrinkles of happiness.

Parenthood is a journey that many embark upon. While some are clueless and some well-read in plenty of parenting self-help books, this joyous journey takes time and effort. Whether it is those unearthly 3 am feedings or the tantrum that awaits you as you drag your child out of a toy store, there are many times parenthood becomes a challenge.

Overcome these and many parenting challenges with Lilsta, a one stop portal for all things baby!

Save time and energy for kisses and cuddles with your little ones by ordering everything from pacifiers to their first lunchboxes online. No longer will you worry if your baby needs a change while you’re out shopping for the perfect clothes and accessories, be it for your new born or for the new mother. Choose from a wide range of toys, books and CDs without having to look at those sad little faces as you exit a toy store.

Lilsta promises to bring out the little star in your family. Dress up your tiny tots in unique fashion from our exclusive range of Lilsta clothing. Enjoy the customized gift centre, to liven up every milestone that awaits you and your family. Splurge a little more for your baby and new mother with our amazing discounts.

Our service is like our passion to preserve the bliss of parenthood, we care for our customers with the warmth of a comforter and provide durable superior quality like that of a crib. Lilsta’s collection includes a large assortment of international brands and all of the products go through immense quality check and are delivered directly from our warehouse.

So find a new recipe for that chocolate cake or bring home a game of Monopoly, because Lilsta guarantees you more time and energy for you and your family. Happy shopping!